Is this the point cloud result for ODM?

So I have downloaded webodm and processed some imagery via lightning. This was the result of the 3D point cloud. Is this the expected result for webodm?

Additionally, I am unable to produce a height profile even though i can draw a profile line, but no profile results.

Click on the appearance tab and you can change the number of points loaded into the browser and the quality of the display of them. Or alternatively, download the LAZ and view in CloudCompare.

Regarding the height profile, you’ll need to provide your OS, browser, and version to help troubleshoot.


Smathermather, thanks for the reply. I am new to ODM so there is plenty for me to learn. I am using Windows 10, Chrome and version of webodm is latest version, recently downloaded the installer version.

No problem at all. We are all learning.

Try expanding scene and clicking show 2d profile.

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