Is there a way to integrate ODM in an offline Mobile application?

Hi everyone,
I’m currently building an offline application for Android tablets. Therefore I would like to know whether there’s a solution to use ODM in this particular case. I’ve think multiple integrations (web, python, Command line) but I was unable to see a way to adapt those solutions for an offline application ? Do you think it’s possible, or did I miss one integration ?

Thank you very much !

It is unlikely that an android device could handle the processing demand by itself. It would need to offload processing to something.

For remote deployment of OpenDroneMap utilities in general, I recommend Portable OpenStreetMap which has WebODM built in, and the project has hardware recommendations:

BTW, POSM is fully offline capable.

Wanted to circle back on this old convo but looking at devices like s20, s21 the have decent processing capabilities that should be able to handle something like a fast ortho/ fast 3D mesh

I take it with the docker requirement, porting this to Android will be a heavy lift?

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As far as I remember, the Android kernel has pretty much everything needed for virtual machines and docker disabled, so you’d need a fully custom ROM.

So yeah, I think a non-starter for the most part, unfortunately. It’d likely have to be delivered as a natively compiled APK…

With all the work going into ARM64 support right now, it may actually be possible to run natively, provided things play nice with the Android SDK.

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