Is there a way to get the images that odm processes from a bucket S3?

Hi everyone

I’m using PyODM to develop a program that processes many images but that images are stored in a bucket S3.

when I’m creating the task in the line:

task = node.create_task(images, {‘dsm’: True})

Can I pass it the images directly from S3 by a URL or something like that?

Currently not, but you could download them first to a local directory. I get that the idea is to avoid a roundtrip, this has been suggested before.

Support for something like this would have to be added in the NodeODM API spec first, then PyODM. GitHub - OpenDroneMap/NodeODM: A lightweight REST API to access aerial image processing engines such as ODM or MicMac

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Thank you so much for your response, I think I’ll download them localy

Hi pierotofy,
Is there any improvemnets in this area, Can I pass the images directly from S3 by a URL ?

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I did this with azure blobs so it’s now possible :slight_smile: