Is there a noob guide?

I own a small real estate brokerage that sells a lot of farms. I’ve started using WebODM to create maps of the properties we are selling and I’m honestly struggling here.

We use an Autel Evo II Pro and fly a linear (not a grid) pattern with 80-90% overlap front to back and typically 70-80% overlap side to side. We usually fly at about 200 feet above the ground but in this area there are often 100’ tall trees.

This tends to produce about 40 photos per acre I think… but a lot of our farms are 20-50 acres (some are larger) which means 1,000 - 2,000 photos.


  1. High resolution orthophoto output
  2. Turnaround in 24 hours or less


  1. We consistently get gaps or misalignments in our output
  2. The processing time is long and unpredictable

Right now I’m processing a dataset of 1,214 images. I’ve done the following options:
Options: crop: 0, dem-decimation: 1, dem-gapfill-steps: 3, dem-resolution: 1, fast-orthophoto: true, feature-quality: ultra, orthophoto-resolution: 1

And it’s been processing for over 24 hours and still has the progress bar at the start of the “u” on “Running”.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 12 core at 3.8Ghz
64GB of RAM
Tracking the process in Task Manager it’s been at 20% processor and 50Gb of ram used pretty consistently.

Is there a manual for non-pro dummies like me or is there anyone on here who consults for a fee to help us get setup properly? I’m willing to re-examine everything from the flights we are flying to take the photos to the options we are using when inputting them to where we process them. I’ve tried for months to figure this out on my own and LOVE this forum… but ya’ll are WAY smarter than me here. So I figured I’d finally just admit it and ask.


Bookmarking this post because I’m also new, have the same drone and have been struggling to get the results I’m after as well



We do need a top-to-bottom crash-course, and that’s something I’m working on compiling.

For now, is a great starter.

Asking here is great!

The OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide book by Piero is an in-depth behind the scenes book, but it does a great job of really fleshing out each option.

I’m in the process of attempting to re-write the documentation to answer the question of what, why, and when for each option.

Maybe try --auto-boundary, --feature-type ORB, and maybe split/merge.


Hi JedW,

I’d recommend to first read the the docs and OpenDroneMap: The missing Guide.

I’m sure you can adjust the processing options to reduce the processing time. For instance, you can safely increase dem-resolution to 4 times the orthophoto resolution and change feature-quality to high.

As for the flying pattern, try using a lawn mower pattern instead of a grid and see if results meet your requirements. Changing the camera angle from nadir to 70-80 degree and adjusting the fligth direction can help you get buildings detail without the need of a grid pattern flight.

I also strongly recommend you to try the WebODM Lightning service.

Please let us know how it goes and do not hesitate to ask for help if needed.


I have that book, even though I new a bit prior to starting up with photogrammetry I thought it was a great book.

The part that is the most critical is how you take the images, overlap, gsd, nadir or oblige.

For editing the output I would suggest CloudCompare for the pointcloud and QGis for ortophoto/DSM/dtm.


2 thumbs up on the cloudcompare post editing. easy to install, and not that hard to stumble through learning.


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