Is reconstruction process single-threaded?

I am using 72 cores for processing a large dataset. But I find that Reconstruction process is awfully slow.

I came across this OpenSFM post: Thread Thrashing in some processing steps · Issue #541 · mapillary/OpenSfM · GitHub

I checked the thread usage and I feel that it is single-threaded.

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Some specific steps are, yes, but that particular issue was closed/fixed over a year ago.

Do you know what specific step you’re in? What’s the full commandline for it in htop?

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In the activity log, it shows
2022-04-29 09:46:19,940 INFO: DJI8_186.JPG resection inliers: 1401 / 1726 2022-04-29 09:46:19,962 INFO: Adding DJI8_186.JPG to the reconstruction 2022-04-29 09:46:24,352 INFO: -------------------------------------------------------

htop output

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Looking like you’re in the split/merge part of the pipeline. I’m not super familiar with how this part should behave, however.