Is possible to generate an orthophoto using another ones data?


I am very new to ODM so please excuse me if I am understanding some things incorrectly. I am working on a project which needs multispectral photos above the forest canopy, so I built one based on raspberry pi. The issue is DJI drone I am using is really not that friendly with integration so I am not really able to give assign metadata to the pictures. I am curious if I can use an already geo referenced map and create the multispectral one using ODM?



This sounds fiddly, but doable. There are a number of different potential approaches, too.

Are the cameras co-located on the drone? Were they flown at the same time?

If so, you can craft a geo.txt using the image center locations of the DJI Visible imagery to locate the Pi-based imagery.


Yes, hopefully I will mount it on the drone to take the pictures, just that I am not really able to have them do it at the same moment. I was thinking either setting raspberry pi to take pictures more frequently than the drone or gather video and grab frames to lay it on the dji orthophoto. But I am mostly positive they will be taking the pictures in the same mapping operation.

I will further look into the link, thank you for your help!


Do you know if you can listen for the shutter event from the DJI camera system to trigger yours?

That’d be my preference for trying to integrate.


I looked for a way to do that but this requires for me to write an android app on their new sdk which is still poorly documented sadly. I tried to get over it with using the usb - c port and trigger the camera listening to the directories sadly they put in an restriction for lift off when the port is powered so I am a bit stuck sadly


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