Is modeling small object (cup, human face for example) with ODM possible?

I used to modeling buildings and found the software awesome! Now I want to try to modeling smaller things for 3D printing. However, other software like photoscan is too expensive for me.

Is it possible to modeling small things (maybe cups,toys and human faces for example) possible with OpenDroneMap?


Yes you can!


This is an old topic but I hope you can suggest the best methods to model small objects. I have tried taking images with my phone of a teapot on a black background. I removed the background in photoshop then tried to ODM to model it. The outcome wasn’t useful, there was a bit of a shape but it was disjointed with lots of holes in the shape. Is there a site you could suggest where I might find some instruction.


Use a dark background and make sure it is underexposed. Also, make sure there are no shiny/saturated areas in the images.

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Many thanks, do you recommend a turntable method as described by some people. My attempt was hand held random shots while turning the teapot on the black felt cloth. I turned the pot upside down and did random radial shots as well.


I’ve actually had better results when not using a turntable, hand held works very well, and keeps the background further away and out of focus. It’s difficult to keep a turntable out of the reconstruction.
I just aim to minimise the number of images with my hand or other support in view, and change my grip position around so my hand doesn’t become part of the reconstruction.

Here’s another one: