Is it viable to work with images acquired from dslr mounted on car to increase road detail?

I am mapping a rural area and sometimes the road is entirely covered by the lateral vegetation. The main purpose of this survey is to better plan the road repairs.

Is it viable to acquire image or video in a DSLR with GPS mounted on a car and use those picures to better depict the road?

I saw some videos about 360 cameras, but found no discussion about this particular setup.

Has anyone tried something like this?

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Ha! Yes indeed. I think the first orthophoto I generated was from a small road and a handheld camera.

The trick is to have a couple pictures at each station pointing at slight different forward and downward angles. And then repeat going the other direction.

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Hi Stephen, I am using a series of go-pro images to map a 3D model of a road. The project is related to generating a polymesh of a road for maintanence. However, while loading images the process stopped with error. It can only process only 26 images and produced an inverted DSM. Did I do something wrong or are those images need to be pre processed before using on Web ODM? Could you give me any suggestions?

Hi Chandrama

Could you share the dataset, or a sample of it somewhere?

Regards Woody

Hi Woody,

Here is a sample image I am using -

Two things: don’t crop, but mask the extra instead (you can just set the car interior pixels to 0).