Is it possible upload processed images and show them on map?

I am thinking about implement that funcionallity, upload processed images, in other words, images with coordinates and just show them in the map.

what I want to know is if that is really possible and in which way you would do that.

I was assuming that it really can happen and I started to implement an API for upload the images and after that I would create a data flow to take the image to the map, just for presentation.

Therefore, is it really possible? Thanks community.

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Not sure that WebODM would be the best target for that. What are you looking to solve with this workflow?

The DroneDB app however functions that way, so it might be a good starting point:

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What I want is upload images to a task without need to processing them. And I just want to show them on the webodm map. Those images was processed previously and are georreferenced images, so because of that I would thought it would be possible.I will take a look on that DroneDB. Thanks.

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It’s probably very possible, but it is a very different workflow than what WebODM was designed for, you know?

WebODM is a GUI pipeline for processing imagery not really a tool for loading/displaying ad-hoc imagery on a map.

It definitely seems like DroneDB is a much better fit for your workflow.

Let us know how you get on!