Is it possible to process agricultural images without 3d for speed?

We are trying WebODM but processing time is not so fast. To be honest we are not using high power machines but…we also don’t require the 3D model. Can we disable the creation of the 3D Model?


Yes, use --fast-orthophoto.

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I am using WebODM in dockers on a Windows PC. Do I do that in the terminal like Git BASH?


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It’s exposed on at least some version of WebODM (this is one case where a more informative dashboard might help :wink: ) .


Thankyou, Yes I did find that. I am looking to force it as a default. I have a few users that dont check and it greatly increases time. Trying to “Silly-proof” so they don’t turn it off…lol


That’s a great question. I’ve not messed with a self-hosted WebODM instance yet, but I have used CloudODM with a batch file to create jobs.

Maybe setting up a drag/drop batch target for CloudODM might help silly-proof things in the meanwhile.