Is it possible to limit the boundaries of what is visualized in WebODM via GPS coordinates?

Hey everyone! What I would like to be able to do is to strictly limit the boundaries of the visualized 3d data either before or after processing. This would make my deliverables much more professional-looking as I would be able to avoid giving data to the customer that does not pertain to the exact property of interest and also trim off the edges where the dataset may be less accurate due to reduced overlap or background noise. Is there a way to do this in WebODM? Again, im happy to set the boundaries via GPS coordinates or even just after the fact with a drawn box in an interface.

Thank you!

That sounds like a great idea, I know other photogrammetry software does that. Perhaps it could be included as a tick box option on the ‘confirm processing options’ dialogue … then once images are uploaded to WebODM the exif coordinates could be extracted and shown on a map with a draw bounding box tool?

Agree this would be a cool feature. Currently there’s not way to do that. Opening a feature request on GitHub would be the first step, then any help we could get to implement it (code contributions especially) would be welcomed.


Yes I have been looking for this feature. I’m using Clip Raster option in QGIS to limit my active project area within a given boundary polygon (KML/DXF/CSV) and the result of DTM/DSM/Contours/OrthoPoto are a lot more presentable. If we can integrate this feature into WebODM would be great!


I have been trying to add a feature request on GitHub but looks like it’s not a piece of cake for newbie non-programmer users like me. So, if anyone could please add this “Clip Raster” feature request on GitHub I would greatly appreciate that.

Also a few beers - or other drinks - for a developer who could integrate QGIS’s Clip Raster function to WebODM :slight_smile:


I’ve been browsing through some feature requests etc and as a relative newcomer I really like this one.

Maybe a candidate for a funding round? I honestly wish I could improve my coding skills quickly enough to contribute, but that isn’t going to happen for a little while.

Possibly! Anyone can submit a proposal for a funding round btw (maybe we need to advertise this more, we don’t usually get many proposals). OpenDroneMap Funding - Quadratik


With new rio-tiler update we can add this functionality as mentioned here Read Polygon-shaped regions - rio-tiler

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Have a proposal to add it as GeoJSON polygon in GET, request

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Added in Added support of getting tiles and metadata with geoJSON polygon specified at request param by markFieldman · Pull Request #1068 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub PR. Will be reviewed and possibly added at repo in near future.