IRIS 3D model

Just messing around with an iris that survived 78mm of overnight rain- snipped it and brought it inside for some photography.
I’ve given up trying to get really good results on flowers with complex shapes, due to the inevitable holes in the petals, and textures in the wrong places. It didn’t all converge into one model, but most if it did, and the top of the flower isn’t too bad, even though the petals have lots of holes.

101 images 00:50:57
|Options:|bg-removal: true, feature-quality: ultra, mesh-octree-depth: 13, mesh-size: 600000, min-num-features: 25000, pc-filter: 0.2, pc-quality: ultra, resize-to: -1, skip-orthophoto: true, use-3dmesh: true, rerun-from: dataset|
|Area:|36.55 m²| (It really isn’t that big!)

Animation in WebODM, video captured with Debut.


Very nice

Thanks Martin.
I just wish it was possible to obtain a better quality model, one which I could use on a web page for example.

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