IPad Pro and Web ODM?

Can the Apple Mac version of WEB ODM be installed and run properly on an I-Pad Pro with the M-2 chip?

I have to admit I am a windows user and not a Mac user but was wondering if web odm could be used? I am looking to upgrade my ipad to a Ipad pro to take advantage of the higher nits that may solve my issue of being able to see the Ipad screen that I use on my drone controller in bright sunlight and was wondering if the Ipad pro could do double duty as a processor for web odm.


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No, sorry, for reasons ranging from the kernel doesn’t support what we need, to the OS is completely different requiring a full rewrite, to docker doesn’t exist for iOS, to Apple will never allow our program in the AppStore for iOS.

This is, unfortunately, not possible. :disappointed:

You can use the WebUI from the tablet to interact with WebODM on another machine, though.

Thank you! That does help me with my next steps.



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