IOError: [Errno 28] No space left on device

G’day one and all,

I’m just evaluating WEBODM and having some issues with the docker image running on a centos 7.4 host machine.

it appears that the docker volume is filling while I’m processing images.

/dev/dm-5 10474496 10474476 20 100% /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/591708b3da769c881aefc764dc39ef51ab1da01c2e28237d172581927f5318dc

so the question is how do I get around this? I’m using the latest opendronemap/webodm_webapp etc docker images

many thanks


Hey @seaton :hand: how much free space do you have on your host?

Typically you should have at least 15-20 GB. Also remember to cleanup your docker environment once in a while

Hi @pierotofy

I have allocated 500GB to the host in question so have plenty of room, even allocating a good 200GB to /var/lib/docker

What appears to be occurring is the docker volume is filling up. From what Ive read docker volumes should grow. but in this instance is limited to 10GB. I’ll look further