I’ll inaugurate this new category in the forum with my own introduction.

So I’m a software developer, mostly self taught, got involved with OpenDroneMap a few years ago because I bought a drone. Well, actually a second drone, the first one I bought was a toy and flew away after losing radio range and is now buried somewhere in a forest in Minnesota.

I managed to pull off a stunt by loading a GoPro on that first toy drone and fly for ~50 seconds before losing it though, so at least I have that fun memory.

The second drone was a DJI Phantom and for the price I was impressed by the quality of the onboard camera. started looking at the cool things you can do with drones and stumbled upon the field of mapping, with all the various proprietary solutions. Being an open-source person I found OpenDroneMap and made my first contribution in 2016 with a rough version of what’s now the NodeODM project:

Anyway, many years after I’m still here :slight_smile:

I blog on once in a while, mostly about drones and tech. I used to be on social media, but not any longer.

I also fly FPV with mini quads once in a while, but I’m far from a good racer.

Beside drones and open-source I enjoy playing competitive 2s beach volleyball and I’m an amateur windsurfer. I live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL area. If you are ever here on vacation to check out one of the nicest beaches the United States has to offer, let me know!