Interface problem


I successfully install WebODM (natively) and NodeODM (Docker). But the interface is “poor” for WebODM i don’t know why. Did I have missed anything ? See here :

Looks like the page didn’t load completely. Either the javascript or CSS isn’t completely rendered. What browser is this? Can you try a different browser, and see if that helps?

Tried, it doesn’t help anything. I think i missed a thing when i install (package ? configuration ?), but i have no error displayed that can help me.

Ha ! Maybe anything : abrt says me that python3-unicorn crashes.

Ha, yeah, could be almost anything then. There are so many pieces that have to fit together. I’m just using the docker installation, so :man_shrugging:

It wasn’t a gunicorn problem, it seems running well. When i press Ctrl+Maj+J, the java inspector doesn’t show any problematic error. Just it says he cannot find the “favicon”, so i can ignore it. Where can i search to resolve my problem ?