Integrate LiDAR point clouds with drone aerial photos

I’m looking for the possibility of integrating with LiDAR point clouds and drone aerial photos. Can we build mesh and 3D model out of LiDAR point clouds and drone photos to texture them? Is there a possibility for that? Or are there any workarounds?

Thank you very much for your wisdom.

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If the LIDAR point cloud is in the same coordinate reference frame, you could technically stop the ODM process after the odm_filterpoints stage, replace the point cloud (from multiview stereo, stored in the odm_filterpoints directory ) with your LIDAR scan, then resume the process from odm_meshing.

It’s a bit of a hack, but should work.


I am really sorry that I couldn’t respond to your reply. It took one hell of a year. Caught up in chaotic situations in my country.

Thank you for your technique! Let me experiment with this hack and will report the result here!


I don’t know what you went through, but this last year was not kind to anyone. Glad you’re still around.

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Thank you! Basically, I am from Myanmar. We have been living through a military coup, state terrorism, and a pandemic, soon expecting an economic disaster, and it all started with big personal ambitions of one small guy in the military. It’s a living hell, day after day everyone’s losing someone whether because of state terrorism or the pandemic.

I have been helping local archaeology communities with aerial mapping and GIS stuffs last year. Sadly, most projects halted because of all these things and my friends joined Ethnic Armed Organizations to receive trainings for full civil war in upcoming months. Been a wild year, I’m lucky enough to be alive.

I hope you all are safe and sound, too.