Installing WebODM - Synology NAS

Hello all, please have some understanding with my questions, I really do not know what I am talking about.

Today I have WebODM installed on digitalocean. Runs fine but the volume is limited [well the cost is to high to expand it].

I have now bought a Synology NAS were I would like to install WebODM. I have made 3 volumes were one is dedicated to WebODM. Here I have made a virtual machine and installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I am trying to install WebODM but I am running into problems. I am using this guide

So the first problem when launching ./ start command.

Cannot start service webbapp: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint webapp. Error starting userland proxy: listen to addresses already in use.

What would be my first step to resolve this problem?

More questions:

At the moment the NAS is “using” a non public IP adress. I have public IP adresses but because I am here writing it means that I am lost :slight_smile:

So I will try to explain what I need. I only need the task output from WebODM to be assigned to a public IP adress so I can share it to the public. The rest of the volumes/NAS I would like to be for internal handling. Do I need to assign all the volumes to a public IP to get WebODM to create output with the public IP?

Maybe the answer could be - yes its possible but its very complicated to do and/or explain. Thats fine - then I know its possible. If its “easy” and you are feeling the Christmas spirit - please give me a hand.

The best thing would be to find somebody to help us to install everything and get things running. @pierotofy I do not know if you have/sell this kind of service - if you do please send me a PM. Anybody else feeling up for the challenge - send me a PM.


hi @mattias
the main question is - why you would like to run WebODM on NAS?
just for fun? make sense;)
if just for sharing webodm resoults rendered on some other computer - they can make sense as well.
but if you would like to do webodm tasks on synology nas - i thing it’s a waste of time.

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Correct - I will use the NAS to share task outputs to the public. Thats the main purpose.

Not the files only - I need to share the 2D|3D viewer generated from WebODM.

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