Installing WebODM in Unraid

I just bought some land to build a home on and have been wanting to use my mavic to do some high res 2d, and 3d land mapping to help plan for clearing and site work. I am using the pix4d and drone deploy trials, but would like something permanent that I can grow with over time.

I have a server that I built, mostly for media streaming, which is running unraid. Unraid has some cool features like installing docker containers from docker hub. I installed nodeodm, odm, and webodm. I am able to start odm, and nodeodm, and I can view the nodeodm page when i go to unraid:3000. However, webodm does not want to start for some reason, and i get no results in the log file. Is there anything special I need to do after installing the containers, to get webodm working correctly?

Thanks in advance,


Did you ever find a fix for this?