Installing on Linux running LiveODM

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Is there a simple way to install the NodeMICMAC as another processing node on a linux computer running LiveODM without doing the install through docker?


Very roughly:

  1. Download and compile latest MicMac engine
    GitHub - micmacIGN/micmac: Free open-source photogrammetry software tools
    2.Download and build NodeMicMac
    GitHub - OpenDroneMap/NodeMICMAC: A Lightweight REST API to Access MICMAC Photogrammetry and SFM Engine.
    3.Start NodeMicMac on available port and with path to compiled MicMac engine.
    4.Add new processing node into WebODM.

wolf traps

1.It’s highly suggested to compile MicMac engine into this system path


Because it’s hard coded into NodeMicMac scripts.
2.NodeMicMac And MicMac folders must be owned by user who running WebODM. On my system whole ecosystem (WebODM , ODM, NodeODM , NodeMicMac … etc) are owned by one user .

For sure , there is more …

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