Installing on Devuan/ceres

I’ve been playing with installing this on Devuan/ceres (think Debian/unstable, and no systemd). I can’t say I’ve ever seen the ./configure script morphed to do installs before. There didn’t seem to be a file with dependencies, so I started looking at the stdout of ./configure using tee to save it to file. I think I had most of the python dependencies before I decided to use emacs to look at the ./configure script.

This problem with libdc1… is strange. What I seen in my tee output, what an instance of configuring where I believe the system couldn’t figure out what version of GCC I had (9. something). It boggles the mind the a conflict of libdc… with python, causes cmake to not find the version of GCC in compiling one specific file.

While Debian has libjasper-dev and dependencies, Devuan does not.

There is some kind of conflict between vtk* and libvtk*-dev (I think * is 6.3?) in Debian. Looking at bug reports, this might be a temporary issue.

I think I shall go read some documentation now. :slight_smile: