Installing ODM using Docker on Proxmox in an LXC

Just putting this out there if anyone else ever tries it: Don’t do it.

Just create a VM and install it with Docker there.

I spent ~3 hours trying to get it work and even in an unprivileged container with nesting and keyctl enabled, I got can't get final child's PID from pipe: EOF: unknown "proxmox" errors when the redis broker and db were initializing.

I also tried running it in a privileged container but that gave me AppArmor issues.

I also tried running it in Ubuntu and Fedora containers but the same errors appeared.

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Interesting. I’ve run with docker inside Xen (XCP-ng), same on VMWare ESXi, now on metal inside apptainer, but I’ve never tried the facilities for running a container directly within any hypervisor. I’ve been tempted to try though.

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Well that explains things a bit, I had a helluva time trying to install this way and could never it to work, installed on bare metal and no issue, that was a year or so ago tho. I have since moved over to xcp-ng so will just do a vm since xen doesn’t do lxc.


I’m actually finding some interesting effects in apptainer. Will report back as I find more.


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