Installation Problem OS X Big Sur

I have an issue trying to install my purchased copy of WebODM.
I’ve turned off my antivirus, firewall and gone to system settings and allowed downloads from App Store and developers.
I have shut down and restarted a couple of times and have WebODM in my Applications folder.
It keeps telling me I don’t have permission to open the app.
Normally, have no issues installing software.

Any other place I am missing?
Appreciate suggestions.

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Hey John :raised_hand: can you make sure that the application has “executable” permissions set? How to Set File Permissions in Mac OS X | Macinstruct

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I went and made sure that the app could have read and write access. I’ve attached a screenshot.
Still get the same message. Not sure why.
Appreciate your response.

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Could you triple check that it has “execute” permissions? This is a different permission category than read and write. See the link I attached in my previous post.

I could never get an execute permission to show.
This is what I found and the installer seems to be running now.

  1. Right click on the application. E.g., HP Easy Start
  2. Select “New Terminal at folder”
  3. At the Terminal command line, type chmod -R 777 .

(Note: make sure you issue the entire “chmod -R 777 .” including the dot
4. you should able to execute the application by now

Thanks for your help!

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