Installation Issue - WebODM does not boot - 502 Bad Gateway

Hi Brains Trust,
Seeking some assistance please.
I am a new user. Purchased WebODM Installer for macOS Standard, utlizing Docker.
Unfortunately I can not get WebODM started. I have checked similar topics on the community forum and attempted a reload and reboot, to no avail. On every attempt , it continually throws up the following error on localhost:8000 β€œ502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)”
I am running MacOS Big Sur Version 11.6.4
Thank you in advance for your assistance to resolve this issue.

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Sometimes the app will launch too soon; if you wait ~20 seconds and refresh the browser, does the login screen appear?

If not, can you post the output console from WebODM Manager?

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Piero posted great first troubleshooting steps.

If nothing turns up, please reach out to [email protected] so I can support you further.

Hi Piero & Saijin,
Thank you for your responses, very much appreciated.
I can advise that I executed a reinstall of the Docker after a complete shutdown / restart of the computer and all appears to be in working order. Thank you.
This is a super, simple, useful program. Very happy with it.


Great news! Happy processing :sunglasses:

Show off what you’re working on in #the-showroom if you’d like!

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