Installation and compile guide would be a GOOD thing

I’ve been a software weenie since 1977. Downloaded the tar or zip file from github and set out to compile everything. Trying to run everything in vanilla mode the first time, I got absolutely nowhere in getting the beast(s) to compile much less run. Are there instructions anywhere? Trying to do it without docker but even the docker build failed.
Oh, spent 7 days determining which requirements were not fulfilled and getting the missing ones installed. Some are no longer available (like the off-repository cmake version.) Others needed compiling and many of -those- broke because of unfulfilled dependencies.
Fun, fun.
Little help please just to get the ODM package up and running at all?
Tried just the odm executable and even after the 7 days of finding dependencies, IT wanted even more not previously identified.


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I think it might have been breaking because somehow, virtual got turned off in BIOS! As well as memory clocks being reset to their much lower 2133 instead of 2600 where they’ve been for years.