Installating ClusterODM

I have been trying to install ClusterODM on my RedHat Linux machine using docker.
I was following this article below:

But there were some issues with the installation. If somebody could guide me through the process, or suggest some alternate ways to install ODM?


ClusterODM is for load balancing and marshalling of split/merge and distributed processing. It isn’t actually the processing engine. That would be ODM (or NodeODM in the context of a local cluster).

Could you help describe your goals more clearly so we have a better idea of what direction you’re looking to go? Thanks!

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Hi! Thanks for the reply.
Basically, I want multiple NodeODMs to work dynamically in accordance with the workload, so ClusterODM would be apt for that. But for now, I just need to initialise ODM (NodeODM maybe) for some testing purposes.


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Try this for getting your NodeODM running:
OpenDroneMap/NodeODM: A lightweight REST API to access aerial image processing engines such as ODM or MicMac (

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