Install WebODM on Windows Server 2012

Hi everybody,

Has anyone installed Webodm on windows server 2012? I want to download WebODM windows installer and install in that server but I want to be sure if it is possible.

Thanks a lot.

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As far as I know, no, but there really shouldn’t be any blocking differences on Windows Server 2012 vs a standard desktop Windows 8 install.

Feel like giving it a go and reporting back?


Ok, I can buy it and try it. But If I try it and WebODm doesn`t work on WS2012, Can I get a money refund?

Thanks for the information Saijin_Naib.


According to the terms, the answer is yes. Just don’t take a month to get back to Piero :rofl:

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Yeah, Piero is good about returns. If it doesn’t work, you’ll see that money back so quickly, you’ll barely know it was gone.


hahahahaha Ok! You have convinced me. Thanks to you now I trust in Piero :wink:

I will try in the next few days as long as I have enough time to do it. Also I will write here to write how was the installation and if it works or not.



That’s all we can ask for! It is hard to test on every configuration and edition of each platform (Linux/Macintosh/Windows), so having someone report back their findings, even if just a simple “yep/nope”, is great.

Again, I doubt you’ll hit any blockers, but I can’t know for sure as I’ve never tried WebODM on Server 2012, just other programs.

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Crazy life! I get it! I was thinking I can’t leave the office without try WebODM on the Windows Server 2012 then I downloaded and install WebODM without any problems! It was really easy.

Now I have a question: How can I change IP address ( to set an IP of my LAN and then I can work from other computer?



I’m blushing a bit reading this topic :blush:

See if this helps @Akiles Access WebODM from another computer


Hey Piero nice to meet you! :wink: and thanks for your help but firstly I think the problem is the IP Address of WebODM, because is and my LAN is 172.16.0.X. I don´t know exactly how works the virtualization but I guess that I need the WebODM address in the same range. Right?

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