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I would like to install ODM on machines such as multiple users can access it with only one install.
I checked but the setup is not built to use the /ALLUSERS flag from innosetup.
Looking at innosetup documentation it think that simply adding the PrivilegesRequiredOverridesAllowed=commandline flag to the innosetup.iss should solve the issue. It would allow to install ODM for all users using command line argument only (so not bothering regular users).
Is there any particular reason not to include this flag in the installer currently ?

Thank you for your answers

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You can install for all users if you install with Administrator permissions, but AppData is per-user.

I think this is a wrong assumtion.
I can install with admin privileged in a folder where everybody has access yes.
BUT then the registry key associated will be in HKEY_USERS under the administrator account that install it.
I would like it to be under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

The purpose is to use an agnostic way of detecting where is install ODM by searching the corresponding registry key (I am open to other ways but I think it is the simplest option)

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Having a look at innosetup parameters and the registry I found that ODM is installed has a 32bit program even though the app itself is 64bit. Adding the ArchitecturesInstallIn64BitMode=x64 parameter seems to solve the problem.
I will make a PR with the two suggest changes and hope it will be accepted.


PR has been accepted, thank you @pierotofy
Would it be possible to trigger the generation of a setup.exe for windows with my last PR? (I tried it myself but the opencv dependency seems capricious. I will open a specific topic regarding this point because I need help…)

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