Install DroneDB on Google Cloud VM instance

Can somehome explain me what steps I have to follow to install DroneDB on a google cloud VM instance like I have WebODM installed…


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Does this link help? GitHub - DroneDB/Registry: Free and open source aerial data storage server for DroneDB.

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I think is this… but I’m a little bit lost on what steps I have to follow to Install it…

I’m not a dev user…


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Do you have anyone in your local community who might have more familiarity with spinning a service up on a Google Cloud VM?

I do it myself… I could install webodm on google cloud… Is it more difficult?

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Unfortunately, I do not have any hands-on experience with cloud deploy myself, as I am not a developer, least of all a services/web developer!

I don’t know of much that would make WebODM with Docker “special” to deploy on a Cloud hosting platform, so if you’re already familiar with this type of work you should be successful.

Hopefully some more knowledgeable folks will stop by shortly to assist :slight_smile:

Good!!! I got it, I needed to add port 5000 to tcp firewall and its already running webodm and dronedb on the same vm google cloud instance!!

I wish I could know programming so I could help improving all this software!

Would be good to:

View any kind of GIS data to dronedb llike (shp, gpkg…)
Change brand
Change passwords directly from the app
View 3D model files like .obj .stl .gltf…

and some other thing I’m sure you are already working on

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You can change the brand, Logo, and name, Administration ›Logo
You can change the password by visiting Administration > Accounts > Select the Account

You can get various files out of your 3D Model

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How can i change my username and my password?


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Also from your Administration section. Also where you can add accounts, groups, and set permissions for Users and Groups as well.

Thanks! Yes, I know this options in WebODM… I was asking for DroneDB… sorry if theres a dronedb community place I thought was also here.

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password — DroneDB 1.0.0 documentation

I GUESS that you need to write

ddb password c

ddb password a

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Sorry… I learn while I do thing and I’m not a prgramming expert…

I open ssh on google cloud…

Then, what?

If someone knows I’ll be appreciated

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It seems like Ghost’s documentation link and commands are correct.

Try that in your SSH terminal session.

You may need to cd to the dronedb directory if the ddb executable isn’t on your PATH in the server.

Well… I thought I had done it right but I have turned off the vm and turned on again and now all my data is gone…

I think I’ve missed something… I’ve done this part

git clone
cd Registry
git submodule update --init --recursive
docker build . -t dronedb/registry
docker run -ti -p 5000:5000 -p 5001:5001 dronedb/registry

And I’m able to access using http://googlecloudIP:5000

But… how can I preserv my data?

What else do I have to do?


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Type docker container ls

Then you may see containers, you can start this containers with docker and everything should be fine again.

docker container start | Docker Documentation

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Thank you very much!

It seems it work like you said! When I run the VM after I turn it off I just run

sudo docker container start (and numbers and letters of the Docker ID)

And it runs well!


Now I have to learn how to change the username and the password because I don’t know where to use these commands:

password — DroneDB 1.0.0 documentation

If I try to do it in SSH it doesn’t work

you are welcome, if you run this on a server with dns you can secure it with ssl and a certificat by starting webodm with ./ restart --ssl --hostname --port 443 out of the dictonary WebODM

are you able in general to ssh into your server? which distro is your server?

I have it all on google cloud on a vm instance with ubuntu. Yes I can go into SSH


Thanks for telling me this about ssl.

What I’m fighting now is trying to change username and password of dronedb…