Install a node from older version

Recent updates affects the pointcloud with many gaps in forested areas. I’ve notice the same group of images running with an older version of webodm (odm), installed last year and non-updated, is having better results in these areas.
It’s possible to install a new processing node with an earlier version to have the actual and earlier versions in the same ?

processing node with better results:

Hostname node-odm-1
Port 3000
API Version 1.4.0
ODM Version 0.4.1
Queue Count 1
Max Images Limit None
Label None
Last Refreshed 0 minutos ago (1 de Julio de 2019 a las 19:56)

actual processing node:

Hostname node-odm-1
Port 3000
API Version 1.5.2
Engine odm
Engine Version 0.6.0
Queue Count 0
Max Images Limit None
Label None
Last Refreshed 0 minutos ago

I’m not sure about the answer to your question but just a thought… did you check the full list of parameters being used each time? I’m wondering if some of the default values changed in a newer version and you just need to explicitly set those processing parameters instead of reverting to an earlier version.

It could be changes to defaults but this may be due to the switch from the SMVS library to MVE which gains accuracy but loses some coverage. You can increase the coverage by adjusting --mve-confidence and --depthmap-resolution as documented here:

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I’ve noticed that, but there’s not the same results in coverage. Even with default depth-map vs a high value, the oldest version work better in full cover forest areas.
meanwhile i run the process with opendronemap/odm:0.4.1 in bash, but i can’t add a node with this in webodm.