Information Enabling SSL Please

Hi All,

Please excuse this naive request for some additional information regarding the use of SSL. I have read through the instructions to enable this but I am unsure regarding the DNS records.

I have a website:
Do I have to create a subdomain? Something like:
What sort of DNS record do I need to add? A, CNAME, INFO, @ ??? Does this record need to point to the https??

Then I understand I need to open ports 443 and 80.

Sorry my experience with this is somewhat limited. Any direction would be much appreciated.


You most likely need a subdomain.

You need an A record pointing to the IP address of the server running WebODM. Both port 443 and 80 should be open on that server.

Then follow to enable SSL.

Thanks for the information. I have tried to get the subdomain working but to no avail… If I didnt already have a website, how and where would I set up the DNS record?

Depends on the provider you registered your domain with. Check with their tech support / documentation.