Indication of calculation status and error type

I’m planning to indicate on my terminal the calculation status in order for me to see current calculation status in the whole process (ex. SfM on-going, Meshing on-going, Ortho-photo on-going, etc). I’m also planning to indicate error type in case the process gets failed in order to see the rough reason of failure. To achieve them, I might need to modify ODM so that I can get (and print) corresponding variables in specific scenarios in the process.

If I provide a service with the modified ODM, does the modification need to be open to the users according to the GPL terms and conditions, or it doesn’t because they are just modifications to “get (and print) variables” which already exist in ODM?


Welcome! That sounds like an interesting addition, and possibly quite helpful. Have you considered submitting a PR to add it upstream?

I believe that by the terms of the AGPL, that yes, these modifications will have to be made available open source.

Someone more familiar will hopefully be along soon to confirm.

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Not a lawyer, but AGPL states that if you modify the program you need to provide a public link / source with your modifications to your users.

Better yet, consider opening a pull request, that way you don’t have to maintain a separate fork.


I am not a lawyer and all that jazz, but the general rule is: any changes to source on a service need to be made available to downstream users under the same AGPL license. Generally, the practice is to share those changes upstream to the project to comply with this requirement, as it keeps license management simpler for you, and we happily take such pull requests, but your mileage may vary.


Thank you everyone. Now I understand the general rule and benefits to me, I will consider pull requests also once confirming the new modifications work.


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