Increasing depthmap value gives less points?

The default is 640 but increasing it to 1000 gives much less points.

47 to 6 million!

It’s a little confusing, because the default isn’t 640. As that’s a deprecated flag that is set by other flags indirectly, I think its default is actually 2400.

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Yes, that’s very confusing.

Thanks for the explanation!

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The default is a multiple of the image resolution (1/4).


Oh yeah! That. :smiley:

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So maybe setting a multiple instead would be more logical?

The convention matches with other similar software in that we have quality level (low, medium, high, ultra) corresponding to different ratios:

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So setting depthmap value is not something to keep doing?

Correct: It is not recommended and might go away as an option eventually.


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