Increase Disk Space on Docker Toolbox

Im quickly running out of disk space in my docker Toolbox. i have prepared an additional terabyte of storage to be allocated but everything i have seen is delete the existing machine and start another with a larger disk.

i don’t want to lose anything??? i just need more space in the virtual box!!!

Additionally, need more than just physical space but need to move the partition space recognized.

Any help greatly appreciated

Have you tried the VirtualBox Manager/GUI to see if it will let you resize the virtual disk?

If it is VMDK, you’ll need to go through some hoops as technically this is not a dynamically scalable disk image format.

Yes exactly! it is VMDK

Expanding the VMDK:
Increasing the size of a virtual disk (1004047) (

Cleaning up the VMDK:
Defragmenting and shrinking VMware Workstation virtual machine disks (2019649)

See if this gets you on the right path.

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