Incomplete output while processing the complete dataset

Hi . Just reposting a thread.
Please find the link for details .

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@pierotofy — do you have time to take a look? I’m on holiday.

I’m guessing this is one of those cases where the overlap / number of features detected is insufficient and opensfm generates two separate point cloud models.

@Deepthi_J_Patric what happens if you increase the min-num-features value (double it from the default)?

The mission was planned as such the pictures have an overlap and sidelap of 80% .
Increasing the min-num-features also renders the same results.
its quite surprising how half the images give good outputs.

Could be it that the flying altitude is low ? The altitude is at a max of only 25m .

Could be. Can you share the undistorted and raw images? I think I can take a look this week. Send a link to email if you can share.

The images were shared in drive.

Sorry for the delay. Holidays are slowing things down. We’ll look at these at FOSS4G next week.