In there a non-docker native Linux installation capability

I am running Virtualbox on Windows and have multiple Linux guests running. I would like to build a special Linux guest just for WebODM. I don’t want to use a docker image in the virtual Linux guest so is there a native Linux installer for WebODM.

P.S. I am using WebODM on Windows with docker but it is only WebODM 2.0.0 despite running ./ update I want to running the most current WebODM and that is why I was considering a native Linux implementation.

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We have instructions for how to compile under Ubuntu LTS, but this method can be very tricky:

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Yeah, I see what you mean. Is WebODM 2.0.0 on Windows with docker considered current?

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WebODM is at 2.0.0 currently, yes. Your processing node should be NodeODM 3.0.5 as well.

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