Improving the GCP capture workflow

We’ve tried various open GCP capture interfaces (including the built-in webODM GCP editor and the UAV4GEO GCPEditorPro) and for lots of images, the process is still quite tedious.

We believe that being able to see nominal photo outlines to make good automated guesses about which GCPs fall into which images, and guiding the user through the capture process accordingly, would make a huge difference to efficiency, matching or improving on some of the good proprietary interfaces.

Is there a way using shots.json or some other output or even direct exif data, to generate nominal photo outlines that could be used to improve the GCP capture process by showing which photos contain which GCPs? Perhaps by taking some of these concepts further?

The ideal solution would be web-based, possibly extending GCPEditorPro?

In the meantime we’ve tried to find an efficient workflow around the QGIS Georeferencer. Using the ImportPhotos plugin definitely helps. The new Vertical Photo Placer QGIS plugin shows promise but seems very slow still.

Any other ideas?



Sounds like it would truly be a great benefit to all, and thank you for working towards it in an open manner.

Some other folks here on the forum are working with ArucoMarkers to make a fully automated workflow.

I wonder if you might be able to work together with them to extend/generalize it further to support non-ArucoMarker/generic targets?

Automatic GCP points using ArUco markers - WebODM - OpenDroneMap Community

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