Improving point cloud quality

I’m very new to webodm and I’m trying to get a good dense cloud but as far the results are very poor. I also have tried do not reduce the photo (4mb each) but the result is always not good. (The cloud as holes also in area where there are good photos). The same photos with other program (eg Metashape setting “high” for sparse cloud and “medium” for dense cloud) comes out much better. Can you please suggest me with is the best setting in quality for to have a good dense cloud? When I export the ortophoto comes all “strange” round or distorted and not usable at all. Thank you.

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Sorry for the trouble.

Can you please provide us with your full processing parameters so we can better guide you on what to change?

Thank you for help. I leave everything as default with only “optimize-disk-space” flagged and the photo reduced to 2100. (I’ve tried also 3000 and 4000). Around 170 photos.

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Reducing photo size/dimensions will have a negative impact on output product quality in nearly every instance. If you must have the highest output quality do not resize your images.

Lets try:

--feature-quality ultra
--pc-quality ultra
--pc-filter 0
--min-num-features 32000
--matcher-neighbors 32

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