Improvement of final details (Roof, chimney...)

Hello everyone!

New here, I’ve been using WebODM for a few months and I’m doing some tests, comparing it with Metashape. I’m having a small issue with the final details. Especially on the roof edges of a house.
For your information, I carried out the mission with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, and with the following techniques:
1st flight:
Altitude: 45 meters / Side - Front: 80/75 / Nadir (-90°) / Speed: 10 Km/h / Pattern: Double Grid
2nd Flight:
Altitude: 40 meters / Side - Front: 85/80 / (-45°) / Speed: 10 Km/h / Pattern: Double Grid
3rd flight:
Altitude: 35 meters / 360° Orbit / (-30°) / Speed: 10 Km/h.
238 Photos with Ground Control Points (GCP) on the ground.

Here is a comparison with ODM (Parameters: auto-boundary: true, dem-resolution: 1.5, dsm: true, feature-quality: ultra, mesh-size: 500000, min-num-features: 20000, orthophoto-resolution: 1.5, pc-quality: high) and with Metashape (Standard processing).

Is there a parameter to modify in the processing with WebODM?

Thanks !

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You can try increasing --pc-quality to ultra, and maybe reducing --pc-filter to 0 to test.

Thank you for your response! I’ve adjusted the process with the parameters you suggested. Here is the result:

The result is significantly closer to that of Metashape !

So in the end, for all my projects, should I set the parameters to feature-quality: ultra and pc-quality: ultra, to be sure of always getting the highest level of results? (Even if it takes longer for the processing).

Can the pc-filter=0 parameter be included in all processes ?

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For a faster process try Hahog - Flann.

I use ultra settings, pc-filter 1 and pc-sample 0,02.


Not filtering can introduce noise into the point cloud, but if you are confident in the quality of your data, you can leave it off.

you will also get better resolution/clarity by lowering that. I usually use 0.5 or below. Things that were blurry become clear and well defined. It definitely won’t speed the process up or make your files smaller, though.


orthophoto-resolution: 1.5 or dem-resolution: 1.5, I set this value knowing my GSD (calculated via Dronelink, or via an Excel spreadsheet). And I was thinking that I couldn’t go below the value of 1.5 (knowing that the calculated GSD is 1.39 cm/px).

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You can set it as low as you like, really, and we will produce the products at the finest GSD we can, up to the actual estimated GSD.

So, you’re leaving 0.1cm/px on the table right now by specifying 1.5cm/px instead of, say, 1.0 and getting 1. 3ish to 1.4ish.

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