Improve quality of orthoimage

The 2 images above are of the same area of a road but both are representative of the entire job. The weird looking one of the two is from WebODM the other is from MapsMadeEasy. I have tried several iterations of the settings and cannot get a usable file. However, the pointcloud is usable. Does anyone have a magic set of settings for roads that will make a better quality image? I also made a 12 point GCP file that did not seem to make a difference.

UPDATE: I made some changes and tried to run a smaller sample of 400 images. It did not make the orthophoto any better and the pointcloud was very sparse.

I will try pierotofy’s suggestion of --use-3dmesh. I may have to switch to the command line. I am using the WebODM now. Also - I wouldn’t mind having only the pointcloud if that is all that will work.

If the point cloud looks good, try --use-3dmesh. It might improve results especially if you took a lot of oblique shots and not so many nadir ones.

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(You can set use-3dmesh from the task options within WebODM when you create a new task).

I switched to Docker with ODM. This is cryptic. I have images in D:\I89\images\
Can anyone help me with a straight answer on how to run ODM to do anything with these images? Docker works and ODM tries to do something but the “Quickstart” - is not much help.