Important Feature Update: Rolling Shutter Distortion Correction

As of today (2022-06-19), WebODM’s codebase has been updated with a major new feature (Rolling Shutter Distortion Correction)! This new capability is still early-stages and our camera readout database Community-sourcing is still adding new models and readout times, essential for correctly solving for Rolling Shutter Distortion.


To help contribute your sUAS/Camera system to our database, please check here:

This version should also fix CUDA Initialization errors for Windows users:

Finally, this version will tweak a parameter that may improve absolute/relative accuracy for datasets with decent geolocation data:

If you’re running WebODM via Docker, make sure you grab your updates! Fixes for WebODM for Windows native are available through the Update menu.


Rolling Shutter Correction in Multispectral Cameras

When calculating the band alignment between the primary band image and the other bands to obtain the warp matrix, it seems that rolling shutter correction is applied ONLY to the primary band image, but NOT to the other bands.

Therefore, if the flight course is turned around and the flight direction is reversed 180 degrees, the warp matrix error may occur.
It resulting in misalignment between the bands, and can lead to incorrect NDVI images.

It is recommended to perform rolling shutter correction for all band images, not just for the primary band image, and then should perform band alignment.


Thanks! Filed an issue:

If you can provide any further details and examples, that would be greatly appreciated.

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does the database include a DJI phantom 3 pro camera?

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Looks like it, yeah. Unless you have a different camera model mounted.

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I’m using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, which as far as I can tell is not included in the database yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have the hardware required or the soldering skills to do the RSCalibration :frowning:
Anyone else out there who is able and motivated to add this camera to the database?


The Mavic 2 Pro comes up with a camera name of “Hasselblad L1D-20c” if that is helpful for the database. Sorry I’m not able to test the readout time. Great work getting this incorporated, saves my clunky use of imageJ and exif tool!