Import to different webodm instance


Hey all,

Ive got WebODM up and running on two systems an ubuntu box that I’m using as my workhorse and my MacBook Pro. Is it possible to import the project from the ubuntu machine into the MBP so that once the processing is done I can manipulate the files on the go?

Thanks for the help.


Hey @Nimijneb, you should probably setup a processing node on the Ubuntu box by running:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 opendronemap/node-opendronemap

Then from the MacBook Pro’s WebODM interface, add a processing node. Use the IP address of your Ubuntu box as the host (find that out by typing ifconfig) and 3000 as the port.

Tasks will be processed on the Ubuntu box, but imported on your MacBook Pro.


Brilliant. Thanks so much!!!


Hi @pierotofy, So I set this up as you instructed and it seemed to be working but I needed to leave with my laptop while it was still early in the process. I closed my laptop and went on my way. When I got to my location I connected remotely and while the system resources seemed to be running the task but the GUI on that system doesn’t show anything, and since I’m not on the same network as that system, the GUI on my laptop doesn’t update. So what is the workflow supposed to be for this scenario?

Another question… If I run a fast orthophoto and then want to run a high quality from the same data set, does the restart button in the task view do something like that? I’m sorry if this has been answered or if I just missed it in the wiki.

Thanks so much for your help and for all your work on this amazing project.


Well, if you are not in the same network, you’ll have to wait until you connect back to the same network. WebODM will (should) continue retrying to update the task until it succeeds.

Yes the restart button will allow you to reprocess the task with new settings.