Import OVA virtual machine

Good morning everyone.
I have a problem importing an ODM backup. For security I made backups of the “Default” VM in Virtual Box by exporting it as an OVA file. Now the pc had a problem with the hd and I had to change it. I reinstalled the SW of the environment and I wanted to import the OVA file. I am able to import it from Virtual Box but Docker doesn’t seem to recognize the VM and WebODM doesn’t work. Can you help me? Thanks

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It is possible you’re using a newer version of Docker that uses WSL2 as the backend instead of VirtualBox.

What Operating System and Docker software/version are you using now?

Thank’s for your reply @Saijin_Naib,
my OS is Windows 8.1 and Docker Toolbox version is 18.03.

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Docker Toolbox was deprecated so Docker only provides support for Docker for Windows, which requires a supported version of Windows 10/11.

You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free with your Windows 8.1 license.

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