Impmentation Opportunity

Dear Team,

We are looking forward to having a solution in-house for Drone image processing for Solar plants.

Our scope of solution includes -

1. importing & managing drone data irrespective of cameras
2. editor to edit any image with addition annotation etc.
3. contextualizing in 2D/3D after orthomosaic of images   
4. guidance for integration of image viewer into existing Angular Web app (we have angular developer who can implement)

We are looking for support

  1. to have a discussion with our team in finalizing the technology solution stack with various ODM components required to deliver the capability
    2. setting up the software in Inergio cloud
    3. identification of integration requirement to view the processed images in existing web application
    4. pilot implementation of one site drone survey images
    5. training to Inergio power users how to edit, process and orthomosaic images

Please send us your quotation at [email protected]



Sounds like a big solution to implement.

Have you checked the various repositories here:

As well as developer documentation here:

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