Implementing Virtual Reality (VR) viewing in webODM via supporting the potree webXR branch?


Apologies if this isn’t the right category.

We recently had Markus add webXR functionality to potree (now here but probably soon to be in the v1.8 release). We’re keen to see this version available in ODM because then you could natively view ODM produced pointclouds in VR right off the web ODM interface (which is just cool, but also let’s you do interesting things like hand-photograph your room with your phone, stitch it into a point cloud with ODM and then natively view the pointcloud via ODM in VR and walk around in your actual house but in the VR point cloud version at 1:1 scale)

Anyways, I wanted to check with the community if there was a potential to either add a feature in ODM to choose a development branch of potree when viewing the point cloud so we can use the one that ssupports webXR, or to update the current viewer to v1.8 when it comes out or some other option to enable this functionality. We could potentially do this ourselves, but I’m guessing there are folks in the community who have worked with ODM far more and might be better suited to implement this.

We have funding to support this work if anyone is interested in helping out. Apologies if there is far more to this question then I realise, I’m new to this :slight_smile:



Hey Tim,

Are there any breaking changes in 1.8?
Minimum dependency version increases? Things of that nature?

If not, I could likely try to import and test it within my fork, though I completely lack any VR/MR/AR hardware (way out of my budget).

Hey @Tim :hand: this would be a really cool addition! If you need help implementing this feel free to reach out via Contact - UAV4GEO

Also thanks for supporting Markus’ work. He has done a tremendous work with Potree.


Thanks @sajin and Pierotofy. I’ll check with Markus on when 1.8 is coming out and follow up in this thread.

re Supporting potree… yes! Markus is great to work with and I’m happy we have had funding to support the project. It is really essential software.


I talked to Markus and it sounds like he will be releasing v1.8 quite soon and it will have the current webXR support built in.

Some example if you have a headset: GitHub - potree/potree: WebGL point cloud viewer for large datasets (scroll down to the VR Examples section)

L/R triggers together let you zoom in/out.
Use left controller menu button to exit back to the web browser.

Short links for easier typing into a VR browser:

(for Quest 1, keep the point budget at 1M points, 2M for Quest 2)

Note that unfortunately there is no way for Virtual Desktop to support webXR via desktop to the Quest (I checked with the developers) so for now we’re stuck with either max 2M point resolution on the Quest or using a desktop headset for larger datasets.

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Maybe I can convince my wife I need a Windows Mixed Reality headset now :rofl: