Images with no exif data



I have a set of images that I have coordinates for, but they are not embedded in the exif data of the images. Is it possible to provide a text file containing the coordinates and have ODM read it. I looked at the gcp file format, but that didn’t seem to work. I’m running using Docker on a MBP.



You’ll have to use another tool to apply the coordinates to the exif of your images first. Exiftool is a good choice for this.


Thank you. I was able to write a python script to take my coordinates and insert them into the imagery. It worked great and I’ve already processed the data.


That’s awesome @sarko! :clap:

Any chance you would share the script? I know there have been some people that asked for a way to do the same thing in the past. Would be awesome to make it part of the software as a contrib module.


Hello @pierotofy

I have created a small github repo with the script and a couple associated files. You can find it at

Please note, that I use a file from another github contributor to push the locations into the files and my work was done very quickly, so it’s pretty rough. Hopefully will be useful to someone else. If nothing else it should give people ideas of how to add the data.