Imagery from Flight Simulator Project

First time ODM user. Big time flight simulator enthusiast (Digital Combat Simulator mainly).

Project Goal: Capture hi resolution photographs (like satellite) for use in more realistic mission planning. I play with a group of 40-60 people and a big part of missions is the lore and story telling. Figured creating geo-referenced imagery with real in-game scenery to locate key features at airbases. Also want to use it create a massive wall poster that is highly detailed.

Project Details:

  1. Wrote LUA script for Digital Combat simulator that moves the camera through a list of lat/lon in a grid like pattern. (Just like drone users on youtube using ODM)
  2. The script then positions the camera looking straight down. Every time the position updates, the script exports the game lat/lon/alt in GPS decimal format and embeds that in the most recent screenshot from the game. The script can capture a picture every 100 milliseconds, so covers ground quickly.
  3. The product is a folder with all the images + exif data.
  4. Then I loaded these into WebODM and let it do its magic!

Progress: Here is a small section of Nellis Airforce Base I have been practicing on. I am able to gather screenshots + GPS data very quickly as the script teleports the camera along the flight path of the “drone/satellite”. The challenge is waiting for Processing on the images as I am still new and learning by tweaking + trial and error.

Example of small ortho of Nellis Airforce Base from DCS

Example of imagery from the simulator:


Very nice!
Looking forward to seeing more updates.