Image vs Orthomap resolution/gsd

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to confirm if the resolution of the final orthomap is the same as the resolution as each of the initial images? For example, if my initial images have a GSD of 1cm/pixel, will the final orthomap also has a GSD of 1cm/pixel? Or is there some stretching involved which would not keep this relation?

If there is no direct relation, how would I go about finding the actual resolution (in cm/pixel) of the final orthomap, if i had set resolution to 0.001 in the command line call?

Thank you for your help!!

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This seems like a righteous question that others (self included) would benefit from also. No reply ? Giving it a bump in case it fell between the chairs.

You can check the orthos’ properties using QGIS.

Will try that. Thx… R

You could also run gdalinfo from the OSGeo4W shell.

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