Image orientation tiff micasense


I would like to know how to load multispectral images obtained with the micasense camera.
I have some ground control points but to load them the images must be JPG, TIFF does not recognize it.

Importing the images directly places them approximately, but they are not oriented.


  1. I import tif images in “Select images and GCP” (Picture 1).
    2 . The images has uploaded in the map, but not in the correct position. (Picture 2).
  2. I try to load tif images in GPS interface, but it is not posible. (Picture 3)
  3. Is it posible to load calibration images? (Picture 4)Picture_1

Thanks in advance!
Best regards.

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Sorry you’re having trouble.

Could you provide a bit more detail about what’s not working right?

Maybe some screenshots?

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