Image mask feature does not work in newer versions

I’m trying to remove some objects in my dataset, so I created several mask images named them as *_mask.jpg. Then I put them under the “images” folder and do the processing. In v2.5.7, it considers the mask image when extracting features, has logs like "Masking 71 / 16102 (0.00) features for DJI_0057.jpg
", but the final results, either orthophoto or 3d model, still contain the objects I want to remove. I tested with v2.0.0, where this feature was originally introduced, it works as expected.

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Can you post your data and processing parameters somewhere like so we can take a look and try to reproduce the behavior with your dataset?


I’m not allowed to share my dataset, but I’ll give the processing steps with one odm benchmark dataset.

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Yes the masking feature needs some work, as our upgrade to OpenMVS didn’t include support for image masks. I’d recommend to use an earlier version if image masks are important at this moment.


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